DIY Christmas Wreath

Be inspired and make a beautiful Christmas Wreath to welcome properly your guest in your beautiful home for the Winter Holidays.

“Jennifer Löther” Christmas Wreath

First of all wrap the powered fairy lights around the wooden ring and attache the battery pack between the wood. After this you need to attache the flowers with the wires to the wood. Then, glue the plastic tree with a hot glue gun and wrap together, the bond between the two blossoms. Attache the Christmas ornaments with wire to the wreath. Top of the fir branches and stuck among the branches of the pine cone. Finally, bring the file mustaches.


Source: Thank you Jennifer Löther for sharing your awesome idea with us

Christmas Ball Wreath

This wreath is very simple to make: first of all you need to buy the proper wreath so you can begin to decorate it. An one with approximately 22 inches in diameter will do just fine. Now you will need to cut the white felt into 3 inches wide strips. Start wrapping the felt around the wreath, making sure that you pin it to secure the felt and also don’t forget to overlap the edges. Go buy or look around your house for colored Christmas ornaments and start attaching them to the felt on the wreath using a low temperature glue gun. Don’t forget to fill in the gaps just by using smaller Christmas ornaments. To have a special look, attache to your ball wreath a small bow, or star or any other ornaments that you love.


Cork Christmas Wreath

You will need the following materials: 22 corks (make sure that the corks have the same size), 22 small red bells, green floral wire, length or ribbon. You have to drill holes on the both ends of the corks. Take the green floral wire and push it through all the holes from the bottom of the corks. Do the same thing with the top holes. Don’t forget to alternate with the small red bells. Twist the ends of the wire to close the wreath. Use length or ribbon to hang it.


Photo Source: DIY Christmas Wreath

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