DIY Cleaning Project – Clean Your Stove Top Using Ammonia

I love to cook!! I admin I do not like to bake (but I do it to please my family) but instead I love to cook!! Starting with the simplest recipe to the hardest one. But at the end of the day my stove and stove top (grates / burner) looks yucky, greasy. But I found the perfect cleaning solution for that: ammonia. Yes….. ammonia!!! What is very important to know is that you DON’T want to mix ammonia with products that have bleach in them. If you do it you will create toxic fumes. You will need to simple “ingredients”: 1 / 4 cup of ammonia and a Ziploc bag. Take the ammonia and the burners or grates and add them together inside of an Ziploc bag. Do not add more than 1 / 4 cup of ammonia in the bag. Place the Ziploc bag into a cooking pan in open space (do not leave it inside the oven). All the hardened oil and grease will be dissolved by the ammonia fumes. Do not soak just seal up with the ammonia fumes!!! Leave it over night and in the morning all you need is a sponge to wipe clean all the grease and oil. Cheap, easy and works every time!!!



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