DIY Clothespin’s Lamp

When it comes to decorating and coming up with fun DIY projects to do at home, it is not a necessity for you to spend money to purchase items, or tools to create something unique and spectacular to place in your home. There are plenty of DIY home ideas that you can also do by your own and at home using materials that are in the home without having to spend a single dime! DIY clothespin lamp belongs deep in the craft ideas that you should give a try and get a different and unique look in your home lighting…

 How Do You Create a DIY Clothes Pin Lamp?

Fortunately for you, you will not have to go through numerous search results to find the most detailed and most ideal instructions to create this interesting lamp. Why? We have the instructions ready for you here and you can follow these simple instructions to come up with a brilliant art piece that will look awesome and will change for sure your home design. Besides, if you have an infant or a toddler you can create this lamp and place it in their room to help minimize the lighting effect and also create an element of curiosity for the little one… Let’s get started and create a master piece that will bring warmth to everyone who sees it…

You will need the following materials:

  • Look for a small roll of wire preferably 16 gauge
  • Go to your garage and unearth the ceramic socket that you had put in storage sometime back
  • Use a hose clamp
  • Get zinc plated D-rings that are a 3 ¾” in size
  • From your washing items, grab 120 clothespins
  • Get a clear electrical cord that has the switch on and off
  • Get a 24” flexible tubing one that is clear (it will be used as the cage’s base)

 Follow the instructions:

Use the clothespins and pass through the wire forming either of the two types of shapes shown on the photo. Go slowly to form a near perfect shape. The more you add the clothes pins the better the shape you desire will form. After having created the base and the exterior of the lamp now connect the bulb and light up your lamp, it should be able to illuminate light that blends with its immediate environment! Enjoy!!!




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