DIY Coffee Table Using Wooden Crates

Are you letting things in your home go to waste or just pile up in the garage or in the storage unit? Well since we are living in an era where we should embrace green living, there are plenty of DIY fun art projects you can do at home without spending a dime but use these great DIY ideas to enhance your home’s beauty. DIY coffee table using wooden crates is part of fun projects to do at home. Get a table to use in your lounge area and save all the expense of buying a new or even second hand coffee table. Craft ideas give you a solution that you can achieve by using very minimal skill and creativity. To make these fun ideas come alive, there are several options you can use to get the right kind of materials, dependent on the size of the table, you can go for either pallets or wine crates. Let’s go for wine crates for this unique coffee table!

 You will need the following materials: four wooden crates, four caster wheels, two 1x2x6 planks recycled pallet, screw driver, screws, satin polyurethane, the paint or stain colour you wish for.

 Follow the instructions: Start by either applying paint or stain (depending on the option you go for) and leave the crates to dry off. 24-48 hours would be ample time. Using planks, make a frame. Bring the planks together by using nails (take a close look at the photo for guideline). Secure the cross at the centre on to the frame using the L brackets. This will form the table’s base. Carefully arrange the crates and frame them on the frame. You should have a hole in the middle. It will be of use. Using a tape measure take the measurements (dimension) of the hole in the middle of your table. Use the measurements to cut two pieces from the planks fit and screw them into place on the side of the table as well as the bottom of the table. Flip the table upside down and on every corner use the screw and the screw driver to screw in the wheels. Flip the table the right way up and at the middle (hole) fill it with pebbles, or a pretty plant and place the new DIY coffee table in a strategic position in your lounge…. Enjoy!!!

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  1. Mark says:

    Hi… Good to see your post. Thanks for giving some tips to the people how to prepare wooden coffee tables without wasting time and from buying a new tables. Definitely people will get some idea after reading this blog. Keep posting this type of good work.

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