DIY Colorful Sprite And Gummy Bear Popsicles

Surprise your little kid with a special treat: DIY sprite and gummy bear Popsicle. There is no kid in the world that will turn down a colorful Popsicle filled with a lot of gummy bear. And these Popsicle’s will make also awesome party treats / snacks. And what is best is that the little one’s can give you a helpful hand at this project.

You will need the following ingredients and supplies: gummy bears, Sprite, Popsicle mold’s and Popsicle sticks.

Follow the instructions: Take the Popsicle mold’s and wash them with hot water. Dry them using a kitchen or paper towel. Add the Gummy bears. Make sure that the little bundle of joy doesn’t fill the Popsicle mold’s only with gummy bears. Add Sprite. Add also the Popsicle stick’s into the mold’s. Add the Popsicle mold’s into the freezer. Make sure that the colorful Popsicle’s are frozen also on the inside before you take them out of the freezer. Enjoy!!


Sprite and gummy bear popsiclesPhoto Courtesy: http://www.pinterest.com/

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