DIY Cozy Slippers From A Sweater

I love walking bare footed in the summer time but only in the summer time. It’s true that you can not walk bare footed in the middle of the winter because your feet will freeze. That is why today we are bringing a warm idea that we found so you can keep “foot” warm all winter long. You will need the following materials: old sweater / 2 pieces of 12″X 8″ felt (the bigger the foot it is the larger size you need) / manilla folder

Instructions: Make a stencil of your foot using the manilla folder. Cut the stencil out. Use the 2 pieces of felt and trace the pattern. Using the foot pattern make the sweater patter: 1 1/4 – 1 1/2″ away from the bottom edge of the sweater…..

To discover all the instructions click this link…

Do It Yourself Cozy Slippers From A Sweater


Cozy Slippers From A Sweater

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