DIY Craft Project: Bubble Quilt

There is something that we all can agree upon: bubble quilt. These quilts are beautiful and comfortable. These unique blankets make the perfect play mate for your adorable cute baby. You can snuggle with them on the coach as you laze with a book or watching TV, better yet, use it as bedspread. Fortunately for you, if you are handy, no need to purchase the quilt, you can follow the DIY Ideas listed below to create a DIY Bubble Quilt in the colors you love. Tick it in your fun art project list and feel good about creating a wonderful useful item. Please follow the pracktic ideas written below carefully and you will have a beautiful bubble quilt.

 Materials needed:

  • One minky yard
  • Sixteen different scrap fabric colors to create a rainbow
  • One and a half yard silky fabric that you will use for the ruffle
  • Poly-fil


First Step: Pick out the interesting bunch of scrap you like.

Second Step: you can cut out 6” by 6” squares that you will use to create the bubbles. Make sure you make perfect squares and arrange them. Six of them should go on the width (shorter side) and eleven should form the Length (longer side). You should have a total of 66 squares. Your craft project is taking shape now. From the pile of ugly fabric, cut out 66 pieces measuring 4.5” by 4.5” squares.

Third Step: Time to make the puffs for all 66 squares! Start by placing two squares together. This will make the larger square have the right side on the outside. Pin the corner of one square onto the corresponding corner of the next square. Repeat this process on all four corners. Create two pleats on either side of the square and start pinning them in place. On every side of the folds needs to go towards each other and make it in a way that the bigger squares match the smaller square sides. Repeat this process on all four sides. Proceed to sew round your square by using less than a quarter inch seam that will secure your pleats. Leave one of the corners open, however, see to it that the seam goes past the pleats on every side. Start stuffing your puff. Do not stuff them fully, reason being, you will need to sew them together using a sewing machine and if they are too big, they won’t fit.

Fourth Step: lay out the puffs in an arrangement that you desire. Pin together one of the edges and sew it up. A zipper foot is a nice addition that makes it possible to get the seam closer. You can saw them in rows of six. The instance you have all 11 rows, start sewing them together. It’s important that you pin them before you start sewing. Pin the seams at the middle, this way, everything will stick together. Sew all the rows together till when the whole top is complete.

Fifth Step: Create a ruffle that goes round the blanket. Start by cutting strips out of the silky fabric. The strips should be 8” wide. Cut off the minky similar sizes to the bubble tops. Pin the ruffle on the right side of the Minky, the ruffle should go in towards the center and should be sewn in place. Lay the puffs the right side up and the minky & ruffle piece right side down on top. See to it that all the ruffle has gone in towards the center.

 Final Touches

Place the pins in place and sew around them. Use caution to avoid snagging the ruffle in the seam. Go slowly and stick your hand in between the pins and straighten the ruffles as you go. You should leave at-least 7” opening. Turn the bubble quilt right side out and stitch the opening with your hand. Your quilt is ready! Enjoy!!!


Bubble Quilt Praktic Ideas

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