DIY Craft Project: Build A Dog House With A Roof Top Deck

When it comes to having pets, many owners think of DIY Ideas that they can use to enhance the livelihood of their beloved animals. Craft projects such as dog houses are wonderful home projects that every pet/dog owner should think of doing. DIY projects are fun art projects that you can use to make a wonderful dog house for your dog and also make your pet have somewhere to call home. Today we present to you these wonderful DIY ideas of building a dog house with a roof top deck that you will fall in love with!

 Materials and Tools Needed: 

  • One piece of 2 by 4 by 8 pressure treated
  • Two pieces of 2 by 4 by 10 pressure treated
  • Seven 1 by 6 by 8 pressure treated
  • One 1 by 4 by 8 pressure treated
  • Eight 2 by 3 by 8 stud
  • Two 4 by 8 panel siding
  • One 4 by 8 15/32 inches plywood
  • One 1# box three inches galvanized nails
  • One 1# box two inches galvanized nails
  • One 1# box one and a quarter galvanized roofing nails
  • Tow ten inches drip edge
  • One bundle roof shingles

 Top Deck, Optional Stairs and Railings:

  • Two 1 by 6 by 8 pressure treated
  • Five 1 by 4 by 8 pressure treated
  • Five 2 by 2 8 pressure treated
  • One 1# Box deck mate three inches green screws


  • One work force 16 oz. hammer
  • Tape measure
  • Carpenter’s pencil
  • Rafter square
  • Circular saw
  • Miter saw
  • Utility knife
  • Level 48 inches
  • Drill

Follow the instructions:

Start by framing out the base. Use one board as the box frame, making it the center support. You will have a 48 inches by 63 inches long base that you will use for attaching the floor board to the top. Make use of 3 inches nails (hot dipped galvanized). Next attach the platform floor. The second two end floor boards should be nailed in first. You should then evenly space the remaining floor boards setting them a quarter inches apart. To finish this look use three inch galvanized nails. Frame the side walls of the house. Assembly the walls using three inch nails through the top and bottom plates. Set the left side wall frame on the set up platform alongside the left rear edge and use three inch nails to hold it on the base plate. Frame the back and front walls. Start by marking the lengths as well as the angles by holding a 33 inches top plate in place at the center of the side walls and finish off by setting up the studs in position one at a time. Studs will go on every end and one stud will go at the back centered wall. Two studs will be used for framing of the doorway at the front. Assembly the wall frames and nail both on the platform and also at the sides of the wall and use three inches of galvanized walls.

Rooftop Deck and Ladder

Cut out 2 by 2 pieces of wood that will match the outer edges of the roof. Use three inch deck screws to assemble the frame. Just on top of the roof, you should set up the frame and bring the lower end up to level. Use a piece of scrap wood that will prop the frame into place. Carefully mark and set the final support height and allow them to sit vertically on the roof allowing them to extend on the inside corner of the frame. Carefully cut and screw the supports in the frame. Feel free to screw in the supports into the roof by the low side and frame the support directly on the roof by on the side that is high. You can now take off the scrap piece.

Upper Deck

To make the deck, start by cutting 10 pieces of 1 by 4 boards that will form the length from back to front and vice versa. Space these pieces evenly and screw them on the deck perimeter frame. Again cut twenty two pieces (9 inches) 2 by 2 baluster pieces that will form the railing. Now screw in 5 pieces of the front, back and left sides, space them evenly on the exterior part of the decking. Pick 2 by2 pieces of wood and use them to create a box that is 12 inches by 18 inches which will serve as the landing for the stairs. Attach the pieces using screws on the right rear side of the platform. Use a three inch piece of 2 by 4 and create a prop column that should run vertically beginning from the right rear platform corner all the way up to the landing. Cut five pieces of 1 by 4 12 inches long pieces of wood that you will use to complete the deck. Go ahead and attach the remaining balusters and cut 2 by 2 railings which should perfectly fit the whole perimeter.


To make the ladder, you need to use 1 by 6 pieces of wood. Start by cutting off one end on 1 by 8 at a 45 degree angle. Set the piece of wood on a platform edge that is closer to the front. Now scribe in the corresponding length which should reach the landing. The length should be close to 5 inches and the scribe should be at 45 degrees. Create a duplicate that will allow you to have two stair stringers that are identical. Every stair tread needs to be 9 inches wide and they ought to be set at 45 degree angle so that they are level after the installation of a ladder.

Since the construction is complete, you should then decide upon the color you wish to paint and embark on the decorations you want your dog house to have. Enjoy!!!





Photo Courtesy: http://indulgy.com 


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