DIY Craft Project– Confetti Bowls

Make an original decoration with the following DIY craft project: confetti bowls. Put your creativity to work with the following DIY idea and you will have a beautiful and also original decoration for your home. What is best about this DIY project is that you will need very few “ingredients” to bring it to an end.

You will need the following ingredients”: an balloon, an vase, Mod Podge, a lot of colored confetti’s, a sponge.

Follow the instructions: Start by inflating your balloon. Put it in the vase. This way is easier to work with. Using a small sponge add Mod Podge (glue) on the part of the balloon that is outside the vase (the top part). Sprinkle the colored confetti’s all over the Mod Podge. Don’t be “cheap” and add as many confetti’s as possible. Lift the balloon from the vase and add confetti’s also on the sides of the balloon. After drying add another coat of Mod Podge and also confetti’s. If you want to have a very thick confetti coat than you will need to add quite a few coats. It is bets to let it dry until the next day. Enjoy!!!




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