DIY Craft Project: Entry Bench Using Old Door’s

Want a new piece of furniture in your home but you don’t want to spend a lot of money?! Do you want to improve your home design?! If the answer is yes, then we have the perfect DIY idea for you. Make an entry bench using old doors and some drawers. This DIY project will cost you a bit under 55 $ Not expensive at all, right?!

You will need the following materials and supplies: two doors (around 30 inch wide), use an drawer, Kreg jig, some glue, finish nails, paint, satin “Poly Whey” and also for decoration: decorative doorknobs and hooks.

Follow the instructions: Start with the old door(s). If you want to avoid people to confuse your entry bench with a closet door start by striping off the paint from the old door. In order to make the entry bench sides you will need two panels from the second door. Use a self to make the bench seat. If you have enough materials, you can make the seat also from the second door. Use glue and also nails to “stick” the sides and the seat to the door. Use a drawer to make some storage space under the seat of the bench. Paint the entry bench with what colour you prefer. Apply over the paint the satin “Poly Whey”. Leave everything to dry for 24 hours. Now all you have to do is to use the decorative doorknobs and hooks to decorate your brand new DIY entry bench. Enjoy!!!



Photo Courtesy: http://www.friendly-home.net

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