DIY Craft Project: Fabric Pet Bed

It’s funny that the fun art projects of today are not the same ones that our grand-parents and their parents before had. Nowadays, practik ideas have taken over and cover a wide base of niches that we wouldn’t have thought of before. DIY Ideas have opened up an avenue for many people to get creative and discover many uses for things that we never thought could be done. Many DIY projects based on unique craft ideas have seen a lot of creative people earn a living doing what they know best. Today, we learn how to do a DIY fabric pet bed, some of the amazing craft projects to do at home…

You will need the following materials: Fabric / A pair of scissors / Matching thread / A needle, thimble and pins / Stuffing/pillows / A marker / A sewing machine / A ruler

Follow the instructions:

Start by Selecting Fabrics – As you can see for yourself in the picture, the fabric chosen is soft and wonderful for snuggling. If you opt for two different fabrics, select the one that will form the back and the “arms rests”.

 Making the bed – Start by marking the design of the bed you want to create. Use the market and the ruler to draw up the shape on cardboard and after that transfer the image to the fabric. Align the two piece of fabric. One piece of the fabric is 17 inches by 12.50 inches. Now pin the two pieces of fabric together following the diagrams and create four exterior parts and one part (the center) that is big enough. Use the sewing machine to sew the fabric together leaving enough space in every part open.

 Stuffing – The small openings that you haven sewn up, should serve you as a gate way of adding stuffing (fibre) into the bed. Fill it up properly to create a cushy feel. After having filled the center on your projects, pass it through the sewing machine to seal it completely. Now you can start filling the remaining parts, one by one and sewing these parts to complete the bed.

 Positioning the bed – To make sure that your project resembles a bed, square up the four exterior parts and using a needle a thimble and thread, start joining parts together on the edges. Use enough thread that will hold the parts together. You can also use pins to strengthen your bed. Since all external parts are held together into position, your project is complete and all that is left to be done is showing your the new bed! Enjoy!!!


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