DIY Craft Project – Glitter New Year’s Candles

If you are celebrating New Year’s with your family at home (like I am) or having only a dinner party or a big party this DIY craft project will add for sure a little bit of sparkle to your home décor. You will need the following materials and supplies: 4 big candles (preferable white ones), glitter (different bold colors), Mod Podge, a brush or a sponge, adhesive vinyl to make the numbers. Cut out from the adhesive vinyl 2-0-1-4 (the project was made for the year 2013 but we will make it for 2014). Try to cut them to fit on the white candles. Place the numbers on the candles. Using the brush or the sponge apply Mod Podge on small portions of the candles and add glitter (you can use tinsel glitter). Use different colors of glitter for each candle. Cover the entire candle with glitter also the vinyl numbers. Let the glitter dry. Now start peeling the vinyl numbers off the candles. Light the candles and a Happy New Years!!



Photo Credit: http://www.celebrations.com

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