DIY Craft Project: Hidden Litter Box

Everyday, new DIY Ideas that can help you improve your living are coming up. The wonderful thing about these craft projects are all easy home projects. Today many DIY Projects are not only Praktic Ideas but wonderful home ideas that you can practice and turn your home into something wonderful and unique. Today’s fun art projects include a DIY Hidden Litter Box. Yes, you can mask your cat’s home and make it blend with the environment. Let us find out how to make this ideas come to life…

 You will need the following materials:

  • durable polypropylene
  • some mulch
  • plastic flowers
  • industrial scissors or a sharp knife
  • strong adhesive (industrial)

Follow the instructions: 

  • Take the big bottle shaped polypropylene, measure it to find the centre and use a pair of industrial scissors or a big sharp knife to cut out a sizeable hole on side of the polypropylene bottle.
  • Cut it in a way that the freshly cut space will not be sharp and hurt your cat as it get in or out.
  • Now cut the bottle in half and separate the pieces.
  • Place the bottom half in a corner and use the adhesive to join the top half to the bottom half. On the top, use a piece of rubber that will block the mulch from dropping into the litter box and put in the mulch that will hold your plant.
  • Now plant the plastic plant inside the mulch and put your disguised litter box on a corner of the room and voila! Your DIY project has taken form.
  • Your cat will now have its own resting place hidden from view and you will have added a decoration into your room. Enjoy!!!



Hidden Litter Box Praktic Ideas

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