DIY Craft Project: Lamb Notes Holder Made From Cotton Swabs

Do you want your colleagues from work to admire your “new” notes holder? If so, you need to follow this awesome DIY idea and make an original one. You will need: white cardboard, a pencil, a pair of scissors, glue, cotton swabs, a marker, a piece of ribbon and some clothespins. Follow the instructions: Use the white cardboard. Start by drawing a big oval (that will be the body of the lamb) and a small oval (that will be the head of the lamb). Use the pair of scissors and cut the shapes that you drew on the cardboard. Also cut the cotton swabs heads. Glue the cotton swabs heads on the body of the lamb. Use for the lamb’s hair 2 cotton swab heads and the hair make it using 3 cotton swab heads. Make the mouth, eyes and nose using a marker. Using the ribbon make a cute bow and glue the ribbon on the lamb’s head. Make the lamb stand using two clothespins glued to the back of the body. Enjoy!!!





Photo Credit: Lamb Notes Holder Made From Cottons Swabs

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