DIY Craft Project: Lift Top Pallet Coffee Table

When you are home and you want to make an addition to your home, there is no need to use money at first. Why you ask? There are plenty of DIY Ideas that you can follow to make fun projects to do at home an immeasurable activity. Take for example, craft ideas such as making a lift top pallet coffee table by using DIY ideas to form a table that not only looks appealing to you but helps you save space and beautifies your home!

 Tools You Need:

– Chop saw / Cordless screwdriver / Angle grinder or pliers removal for nails / Sander / Drill that is 3 to 4 millimetre excellent for pre-drilling right before you start screwing / Planer / Two pallets / Boards with a certain thickness as the board pallets / Two heavy duty slides / A lifting mechanism / Four heavy duty castors / A bunch of screws.

 Purpose – The two heavy duty slides come in handy for the sliding mechanism. Heavy duty is recommended by experts as it allows to place weight over it as it is being extended.


First Step – Start by removing the red marked boards from the first pallet. You should then cut the cross running board make sure you cut from the red lines. Close the pallet’s bottom using a bit of wooden boards that have been left or alternatively opt to purchase some new wooden boards that you will use to close off the bottom. By now you should have a structure that resembles something like a wooden box. Now put the two open compartments on either side. Close the eight compartments by using small wooden boards. On the four corners of the structure you should fix in four wheels and your first pallet will be done.

 Second Step – Now dissemble the second pallet. From it you need to come up with two small assys comprising of numbers: four, five, six and nine.  The two assys will need to be screwed on the first pallet. Start creating a frame that is related to the shape that it got before the pallet was disassembled. Enjoy!!!





Photo Courtesy: http://theownerbuildernetwork.co

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