DIY Craft Project: Piglet Toy Using A Pair Of Socks

Fun art projects are increasingly becoming popular by the day. DIY Ideas such as DIY Piglet Toy Using a Pair of socks are craft projects that many parents are taking on to brighten up their children’s lives. These are useful ideas that save you a ton of money. Furthermore, these are craft ideas that have made people discover new ways of making interesting things and turn their creative ideas into practik ideas that rake in a cash flow. Why don’t we try make a toy pig using a pair of socks and see how well we fair…

You will need the following materials:

  • A pair of pink socks with blue, white, brown, stripes
  • A pair of scissors
  • Cotton (for stuffing)
  • Thimble
  • Needle
  • Several buttons
  • Pins


Follow the instructions:

  • Start by stretching one sock on the work station. Between the top part of the sock and a few inches before you reach the ankle, run the scissors through and cut out this part.
  • Just like in the second picture, you should have a single piece.
  • Run the pair of scissors through the middle of the piece of sock and cut to form two legs.
  • Use a suitable thread and needle, sew in the inside part of the cut piece to form the legs. (see third picture).
  • Sew the bottom of the legs and stuff your body with the cotton stuffing’s. (see fourth picture).
  • On the same sock that you hived out the piglet’s body, use the pair of scissors once more and cut out the piece that covers the toes, cut off the sock from the area where the toes are attached to the foot.
  • Stuff this piece (see  picture number 5) and sew it off.
  • Use the pins to form a face. Stick one pin on the left side and another on the right side to form a depression that will make the base of the eyes.
  • At the bottom on the stuffing, stick three different pins at different sections to form the depression of the piglet’s mouth. (see picture number 6).
  • Cut three small pieces of sock and stack the together to form a layer. Place them on top of the face. Use three pins to hold the nose into position. First pin should go on the left, second at the middle and third at the right to hold the nose into place (picture number 7).
  • Cut two more pieces of materials, roll them to form the ears and hold them into position with pins. (see picture number 8).
  • Using the stems of the pair of socks, sew each stem on one side, stuff them with cotton stuffing’s, sew the open ends and use pink pins to pin them on the piglet’s body, where the arms need to go. (see picture number 9).
  • Now use two pieces of ribbon and form suspenders that you will hold into place with buttons you will saw on the piglet’s belly and back.
  • Sew two more buttons on the eyes to bring out the facial structure of the piglet.

Your DIY Piglet Toy Using A Pair of Socks is done and you can hang it somewhere or gift it to your children or someone else. Enjoy!!!



cute piglet soft toys from socks


Photo Courtesy:  Piglet Toy Using A Pair Of Socks 







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    This is such a cute idea!

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