DIY Craft Project: Pop Can Tabs Lamp

There are plenty of fun art projects that you can pursue. Many of these practik ideas you can pursue them from home. DIY Ideas such as pop can tabs lamp are great craft ideas that you can incorporate in your home. What’s more, these are craft ideas that you can ask your children to join in and help out. Today, we learn how to do DIY Pop Can Tabs lamp….


Step One: Remove Tabs from Cans – Start by collecting soda cans, as many as you can (get over 100 or two hundred if you can). You should then proceed to remove tabs from cans. The best way to do so, is to bend the tab back and forth till the metal fatigues and breaks off. To know the exact number of can tabs you require to complete a lamp shade you need to do the following: for every mail row, you should include the bottom and top hoops. For every diameter shade inch, you will require around 5 tabs. Both the bottom and top wire hoops need to be wrapped with tabs. For every piece, add around a quarter inch. For every row that falls in between the bottom and the top hoops, you should add half an inch in height.

Step Two: Bend the tabs – Using a pair of pliers, take hold of the tab across the dimension (short). Now use your thumb and bend the tab approximately twenty degrees. The tabs that will fall in the bottom and top rows need to be bent, please do not cut these tabs. Bend enough tabs for two mail rows and set these tabs aside before you go ahead and pick up side cutters. You should now unplug the lamp. Carefully remove the bulb and on the top of the lamp install the top lampshade.

 Step Three: Installing the Top Clip Hoop – By following the steps mentioned on the second step, begin with an uncut and bent tab. Now set the tab on the wire hoop top, align the hoop together with the bend. Use your finger and apply pressure to continue the bend to around 90 degrees. Insert a small screw driver (Flat-blade) through the two openings in the tab. Apply leverage that will help you tightly wrap up the tab across the wire hoop. Go through your project to ascertain that the bent tab is secured properly on the hoop and it has no chance of lifting off. Use a needle-nose pliers to align the troublesome tabs securing them into position.

 Step Four: Complete the Top Hoop – Continuously add can tabs around the top hoop’s circumference, following the steps in the steps above, add the tabs till the hoop is covered all round. For purposes of accommodating the spokes, make-sure you attach the hoop on its hub. Take away an adjacent tab which might have been formed around the wire. Use the pair of pliers to cut the finger loop allowing the spoke to pass through.

 Step Five: Cutting Tabs – Simply set aside a row that has been made up of tabs that are bent. These are tabs that will go to the bottom hoop clips. Make sure the tabs haven’t been cut yet. Use a pair of side-cutters to snip the tabs that are remaining.

 Step Six: Create the First Link – Using your finger, exert pressure to open the loop that has been cut in one tab, making sure it opens up to 1/16 inches. Carefully pass two bottom loops of 2 adjacent hoop clips, via the loop that you just cut. After having the loop in place, you should now twist the tab and this act will close the open legs of the loop that has been cut again.

 Step Seven: repeat The Process Over and Over Again – Progressively add the tabs, till the time that the first row is complete. Keep adding the rows till when the shade reaches the height you wish it to be. Keep in mind that the bottom hoop you have designed will increase a quarter inches to the shade’s height.

 Step Eight: Bottom Row Trimming – The tabs that are in the last row are not the tabs that will go round the bottom hoop. These are tabs that you will need to trim. Use the pair of side cutters at your disposal and make 2 cuts. Every cut should come from each tab edge and should be around one eighth inches from every end. Now you can install the trimmed tabs on the mail’s last row.

 Step Nine: Prep the Bottom Hoop Clips – By following steps three and four, you should carefully wrap the bottom hoop using tabs that are uncut to form clips which link to the mail. After having completed the wrapping, you should carefully remove the clips from the bottom hoop and open up the clips one by one each at an angle of 45 degrees using your fingers. Use a pair of side cutters to snip every tab so that you can join it to the mail.

 Step Ten: Install the Clip for the Bottom Hoop – Start by working the bottom hoop clips in the mail. Carefully slip the cut loop of every clip via two tabs that are adjacent to each other and are in the bottom row. Carefully insert the bottom shape hoop through the open clip. Insert pressure with your fingers, enough pressure that will close the clip round the hoop. Use a pair of pliers that will help you secure clips that might prove troublesome. This will also help you ascertain that the clips will not be able to lift off the hoop.

 Step Eleven: Wind up The Bottom Hoop – Start by working all through the bottom hoop, begin by putting up clips. You should secure the bulb in its right position, test the lamp, if it works and you are good to go! Enjoy!!!





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