DIY Craft Project: Rug Using Fabric Ropes

There are a lot of fun art projects that you can engage in. Have you ever thought about making a rug just from fabric ropes? No? These are excellent craft ideas that can help you make a wonderful addition at home or at the office. Many DIY Ideas help you make interesting things. Useful ideas lead to wonderful craft projects that you can make for your home and also commercialize if you want. That said, today we will learn how to turn DIY Rug Using Fabric Ropes into practik ideas…..

 Materials needed:

  • Fabric scissors
  • Sewing machine (standard)
  • A quarter inch clothesline (use one or more if you like)
  • Fabric cut into two inch wide strips (you can get same or different patterns and the total fabric can be at-least ten yards long)


Instructions to be followed:

  • Take the beginning of the rope and wrap the end of it with fabric strips. Please see to it that you cover the tips with fabric. Start wrapping the fabric from one end to the other (i.e. from right to left or vice versa).
  • Use the sewing machine and sew straight down the rope several inches that will hold the wrapped end in place.
  • A piece of advice, kindly make use of a heavy needle (jeans needle) that will penetrate both the sewing rope and the fabric as well.
  • Allow the machine needle to stay on the rope and proceed with wrapping the rope together with the strip at an angle (slight). This way you’ll continue down the rope as opposed to simply wrapping on the same spot.
  • After getting a foot wrapped, its time you started sewing down at the center of the rope till when you reach at the end of the wrapped rope.
  • Adjust the sewing machine till you reach the longest stich length. Progress with this process until when you reach between ten and fifteen inches.
  • Make-sure you switch the fabric every time you get at the end of s trip and alternate between different patterns.
  • To achieve this look, start by wrapping the beginning of the strip over the top of the old strip ends, this way the rope will never show through.
  • Try your best and switch the pattern in rotation often. This will help you keep the patterns with a random look overall.
  • At the end of the rope, you should place the start of a new rope and wrap them around as you would normally. When you sew straight down the spot, the two points will be joined together.
  • Now pick the start of the rope wrapped and sewn. Make a clockwise coil. After the coil comes to completion (a whole circle) select either a medium or long stich length and set your machine to the widest zigzag setting.
  • The zigzag setting will sew in between the ropes and the ropes will be joined together.
  • After reaching the end of the rope, you can now proceed with wrapping and straight sewing the rope until you cover another ten to 15 inches. Zigzag stitch the rope on your coil.
  • Repeat the above mentioned steps over and over again till you reach the desired length of the rug.

To keep the sides from curling upwards, do your best not to pull the rope as you join it on the rug. Lay the rope next to the coil and sew it without pulling nor pushing it. Enjoy!!!




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