DIY Craft Project: Star Made Using Matches

Fun art projects cover an extensive base. There are plenty of DIY ideas that you can use to come up with intelligent pieces of art that will beautify your home. Did you know that fun projects to do at home can help you kill boredom and make use of materials that you had considered as garbage to create wonderful pieces of art that will bring warmth and beauty into your home? These craft ideas also open up your creative juices. DIY star using matches will help you create an art piece! Let’s make this wonderful piece of art:


– White glue

– Four printed copies of a template (star) that you can get for free online

– Up to or more than 300 pieces of wooden match stick

– A piece of cardboard

– A pair of scissors


Start by striking and burning the matchsticks and blowing them out immediately they, light up. Use a technique and strike several pieces of matchsticks at once. Use your computer and print out four copies of the star template and cut them out. Use the white glue and glue on to the cardboard the template. You should now cut off the excess cardboard. On the dotted lines on the template, draw a line of white glue and lay down two matchsticks on every line. Begin with the end that is not yet burnt on the star’s centre and work your way out. Cover the next section with white glue and again from the centre start placing the match sticks with the non-burnt end and work your way outside. Repeat this step on all sections. By the time you complete, you should leave the glue to dry, add a hook on your star’s back and hang in on the wall. This is a breathe-taking art piece that will enhance the beauty of the room you hang it in! Enjoy!!!





Photo Courtesy: http://1000-podelok.ru

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