DIY Craft Project: Tractor Bunk Bed

Fun art projects are popularly gaining traction all over the world. Many people are using practik ideas to improve their property using DIY Ideas that bring out a unique but elegant look at home. DIY projects such as tractor bunk beds are wonderful DIY projects to do at home. These are great craft ideas that you can use to improve the look of your boys room. Besides they are craft projects to do at home with your boys teaching them a thing or two concerning crafting. Let’s build this wonderful tractor bunk beds.

 You will need the following materials:

A pipe / Wood planks / Nails and screws / Two mattresses / Green, yellow and black paint


Follow the instructions: 

To create bunk beds, you need to follow the same process as in a regular bed, formed from wooden planks. The process is not rocket science, however, you can follow several tricks here and there. Build the posts on the outside, leaving enough room to make modular beds. By following the same steps you would use regular wood frame two times over and place four posts in between the bunk bed. After having fixed the bed frames securely into position, make the upper bed railing and mount the cab assembly. Screw them tightly and don’t let them move about even if your son pretends to be driving the whole tract in an imaginary corn field. Ensure that the ladder is positioned perfectly and securely at the front side of the bed. Securing the ladder at the front will make the bed look like a tractor. To assembly the whole thing and make it seem like a life like tractor, properly size the wheels, the wheel at the front should automatically be smaller than the one in the back and start coloring them. Now color the whole bunk bed, everything needs to go into the right place. The headlights should be fixed following the picture as a guide, so should you fix the exhaust pipe. Finish off the tractor with a brand logo and your tractor bunk bed is complete…  Enjoy!!!


Tractor Bunk Beds Praktic Ideas


Photo Courtesy: http://ruckerrendezvous.blogspot.ro

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