DIY Craft Project: Treble Clef Ear Cuff

Fun art projects come in all shapes and sizes. You can make interesting things from cheap but quality materials using simple useful ideas. DIY Ideas are increasingly becoming the most sort ideas that many people are using to create their own unique craft projects. If you are looking of something unique, you are in luck! Today we feature craft ideas that will guide you through the creation of DIY Treble Clef Ear Cuff…..

 You will need the following materials: mandrel, pen, 18 gauge piece wire, pliers, wire cutter, ruler.

Follow the instructions: Begin by cutting wire measurement. Cut it to be 8” long. Just ensure that the length is not too little so that you can be capable of finishing the ear cuff. Now bend the wire in half. Take needle nose pliers and use them to form a minor curl at the end. Make a larger ring at the top, refrain from making a very huge loop. Make a ring at the center if the binary loops that you created earlier, slide the lingering wire through the loop. This is the point in which the ear cuff comes into play. Proceed and make a small almost full circle and bend the wire to make it double. Cut off the extra wire and fold the ear cuff chunk in a way that it fits your ear. If need be make the necessary adjustments. If you desire to add a chain to your ear ring, you need to cut a part of chain around 2-3” long. At the smallest coil on the end, pick a slim piece of wire. Pull the wire through the chain’s end and cloak it round the curl. Your DIY treble Clef Ear Cuff is ready!! Enjoy!!!


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