DIY Craft Project: Wine Cork House

Did you know that instead of disposing all your corks from your used bottles of wines you can turn them into fun art projects? Yes,by following a bunch of DIY ideas, there are plenty of fun art projects to do at home with just wine corks. Coming up with craft ideas for many individuals is not a walk in the park, however fortunately for us, there are plenty of DIY ideas you can embark on and improve your creative juices. Today we focus on creating a DIY wine cork house that you can display as an art piece to enhance your living space or use it as a bird house to house a bird that you’ve always wanted to cage…

You will need the following materials: a bucket full of wine corks, a drill, chisel, sand paper, pencil, tracing paper, wood glue, a tiny hinge, a small screw, a screw driver, several pieces of finely finished finger thick planks.

 Building Process:

First and foremost pick a piece of wood, plywood in form of a 4×4 square. This will be your house’s foundation. Using the design you have on the paper or on the computer screen, pick nine wine corks, glue each on the plank that will be the foundation as well as the floor of your house. On the sides glue on the piece of wood two corks next to each other and glue them together leaving no holes. Do the same for the other side. On the back side of the house, stick together three wine corks and glue them on the floor. On the front side, measure a small door that can fit a small sized bird and cut two wine corks in half and glue these halves on the floor leaving ample space where you’ll fit in the door. Now start stacking up the wine corks till you reach the height where you need to fit on the roof. Use evenly cut round pieces of wine corks to make the roof by attaching them on each other side by side and in a layered form to form a brick roof. On the top most part of the roof, (right in the middle) strengthen it by attaching a piece of strong wood (plank) across with wood glue. Now come back to the door, use the pencil to sketch a fitting door and carve it out of the plank with a chisel of a tiny saw. Use the drill to make a hole in the middle of the door to let in air should you decide to house a bird. Use the hinges to screw one side of the door onto the house and screw it in so that it can open and close without damaging the wall. Use the chisel to curve out a bucket (tiny) or a barrel that you’ll be putting water for your bird, use the sand paper to smoothen the final product. Voila! Your DIY cute wine cork house is ready for occupation!!! Enjoy!!!





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