DIY Creative Flower Pot Using A Rim

So you are home for a week or so,on a long off or holiday and you suddenly realize that your home could do with a spruce up.You could increase the color of your front or backyard with some quality plants. Unfortunately you are either too lazy or too broke to get to wall-mart and buy some flower pots. Well, do not wrap your mind again and cast the flower project into the ever increasing pile of to do lists that we both know that the pile will never be cleared. There are many DIY home ideas you can use and make that adorable and stable flower pot. If you are one of those people that have old tires settling in the backyard or at the garage, take them out. Dismount the rim from the tire and return back the tire in storage. We do not need it yet. Whether the rim is bent or still in good shape, it’s going to fulfill the purpose of this project. Clean up the rim, remove any clinging dust or rust from the rim and leave it to dry for 5 to 10 minutes depending on how hot the sun is.

Brush over – Pick up the dried rim and paint it black with a single coat of paint. The coat will ensure that the rim remains with one uniform color.

Position – After the tire dries up nicely, look for the exact position that you would want your plants to grow and spice up the color in that area.

Pimp The tire – The next step is to pimp the tire. Go into the kitchen and rummage through your garbage to find pieces of broken plates. If you fail to find broken pieces, you can take old ceramic plates that you no-longer use and break them up into pieces. Break up plates of different colors. Take workshop glue and glue the pieces of plates on the exterior of the rim. Use different colors to make up a pretty pattern and for breaking up the monotony.  Make sure that the design is on the exterior. After the mixture dries up you can now move over to the next step.

Soiling Up – Take an empty sack and place it inside the rim. Open it up and make sure that the sack goes round the rim and has left a wide hole in the middle. Fill the hole with soil until you reach ¾ of the hole. Even the soil and make it level. Take a spade or a spatula and mix up the soil with manure to make it fertile. Pour in sufficient amount of water into the soil, like half a bucket. Use a spade or a garden spatula and curve into the soil a hole in the middle.

Transfer Your Plant – When the soil is moist transfer the plant you have selected and close up the hole in which the roots will go into. Make sure that you always water your plant and prune it whenever it needs pruning. Within no time, your plat will have adapted to its new habitat and will start growing!  🙂 Also you can create an amazing Flower Pot Men




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