DIY Crochet Long Braids Rapunzel Hat

Fun art projects do not always have to involve a set of heavy tools neither do they have to do with creating a fixture or a meal. There are plenty of practik ideas that do not involve a-lot of hard work. DIY ideas such as Crochet long braids are DIY projects that can be done to create a new elegant look. These craft ideas have proven to be income generating avenues for many and others do them to up-lift their spirits. Crochet long braids are craft projects to do at home with your kids and allowing you to spend some precious time together. You can discover and also buy the long braids Rapunzel hat pattern from the link bellow….. Enjoy!!!


Etsy –  Crochet Long Braids Rapunzel Hat


Crochet Rapunzel Character Hat with Long Braids


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  1. Tanya says:

    Cute and Lovely Girls with Braid Cap Look

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