DIY Crochet Booties – UGG Style

Are you a huge UGG fan? Did you know that there are fun art projects you can do if you love crocheting. Create these wonderful baby booties that are an ideal gift for babies. These are wonderful DIY Ideas for the perfect gifts for showers. Make some fun UGG booties for your little ones and keep their feet extra warm during the cold season. These are also wonderful craft ideas that you can use to make snug fit booties for adults.

 Materials Needed – White buttons / Yarn that is both dark brown and beige in colour / No. 3 hook / Tapestry needle / Thin cord elastic

 Abbreviations – Chain= Ch / DC= Double Crochet / ST= Stitch / Rnd= Round / SC= Single Crochet / SS= Slip Stitch / HDC= Half Double Crochet / Sk= Skip

 Insole using Icicle

First Round: single crochet in 2nd chain from the hook. Single crochet in the next 5 half double crochet. Two half double crochet in the next row. 5 half double crochet in the next row. Now pull through in the inside of the insole. Start working down on the opposite side back loops of the beginning chain 2 half double crochet in the next half double crochet. Use single crochet in the next 5 rows and 2 single crochet in the next.

Second Round: two single chain in the first round single chain on the last round. Single chain in the following 8 stitches. 2 single chain in the next row and another single chain three times in the next 8 rows.

 Trimming and Finishing Touches

Tie the elastic cord on the stitch marked first. Start by weaving the elastic beginning from St Mark to the other ST Mark across the boot’s front. Now tie the elastic on the second St Mark. Take hold of the tapestry needs as well as the icicle and tie them on the last St Mark. Over sew every St Mark round. Now tie them off. Start rethreading with a needle using just a single strand for stitches. Tie them on the side of the boot top directly above the place where the elastic had been tied off. Now using back stitch, start stitching in a straight line down on the elastic. Continue with the back stitch following over the top of the elastic till you reach the boot’s other side and proceed till you reach the top of the boot. Finish by tying off and weaving the ends, your UGG booties will be ready! Enjoy!!!

DIY UGG Style Crochet BootiesPhoto Credit: http://grukhina.ru




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2 Responses to "DIY Crochet Booties – UGG Style"

  1. Frances Fulton says:

    Hi I have been reading the instructions for the ugg booties and I wanted to know what is meant by “insole using icicle”? What is icicle? There is no mention of how many rows to cast on to start. Am I missing something?

    Thanks and regards for a great site!

    • andytm07 says:

      Description knitting bootees:


      1st row: 10 wp, wp 3 lift, 1 CCH in the fourth loop from the hook, 8 CLO CLO 7 in the first loop of the chain, turn and crochet tie chain of sn on the back side, knit 8 CLO CLO 5 primary loop row 1 ss;

      2nd row: 2 lift vp, 1 pssn in the same loop gain of pssn, pssn 4, 5 CCH, 6 of increases of CLO CLO 5, 4 pssn 4 pssn gain of 1 cc;

      Row 3: 2 lift vp, 1 pssn in the same loop, 1 pssn 1 pssn increase of 5 pssn 5 CLO (1 increase of CLO CLO 1) * 6 times, 4 CLO pssn 5 (1 increase of pssn, pssn 1) * 3 times, 1 increase of pssn, 1 cc.

      4th row: bind 2 items soles (I used brown yarn for the outer part and the white for the inside)

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