DIY Cute Bunny / Bear Planters Using Plastic Bottles

You can use plastic bottles in so many ways! To make a DIY plastic bottle idea you will need some plastic bottles, of course and a lot and lot of creativity. We have made piggy banks using plastic bottles, garden decorations, green head planters and so many other fun DIY creative projects. But today’s DIY idea is soooo cute: DIY pet planters using….. of course, plastic bottles. A fun project that you can do together with your kids and that will look pretty awesome when its done. So lets gather all the materials and supplies and start making cute pet planters.

You will need the followings: two plastic bottles (you can use more if you are planning to make more then two planters), a pair of scissors, two cardboard sheets, paint (in different colours), two – three paint brushes, some string, some prominent markers.

Follow the instructions: Remove all the labels and other dirt from the plastic bottles. Wash them with soapy water. Dry the bottles using a towel. Use a short knife and cut the two bottles in half. You will use the bottom parts to make the pet planters. Using the bunny and bear template (bellow) draw each one on each cardboard sheet. Use the pair of scissors to cut out the bunny and the bear. Add the both bunny and bear pattern’s on the bottles. Cut out the top part leaving the ears on the outside (see photo). Make holes in the years and fix the strings. Use white paint and a brush to paint on the outside the two bottles. Use what paint colours you prefer to decorate the two planters. Using the permanent markers draw the faces of the bunny and bear. Make them as funny as possible. Let everything dry well. Now all you have to do is to put some flowers inside and to hang the planters wherever you like. Enjoy!!!

Bunny / Bear Template:


Puppy Planter  Patterns


Photo Credit: www.pinterest.com

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