DIY Cute Bunny Napkin

Easter is fast approaching, time to go back to your creative side and whop up fun art projects that will blend perfectly with this colourful holiday. Did you know that coming up with ingenious craft ideas can make everyone you have over for the holiday have fun and see how DIY ideas made the occasion different but felt special. “Praktic Ideas” such as DIY cute bunny napkin will make everyone coming to the table livid and want to know how you made these beautiful pieces to match with the occasion. DIY Cute Bunny Napkins may seem quite complicated to make, but the truth is that they are very easy to make.

Let’s have a look at the materials that you need:

  • Thin napkins in a variety of colors
  • Marker
  • Pins/tiny safety pins made to resemble flowers
  • Easter eggs

Note: The napkins should either be cotton or linen square napkins. Thin napkins are easy to fold as opposed to napkins that are heavy.

 Let’s bring these ideas to life!

 First Step – Start by starching the napkins. Next you should fold them into thirds and make sure that you form a rectangle. If you decide to use square napkins, the first possible solution is holding the napkin in half, folding the napkin again in yet another half so that you remain with a long shape that is rectangular. For every fold to hold in place, it’s advisable that you press the napkin using a warm iron after every fold.

 Second Step – Take hold of the right and the left sides and make them meet up at the centre. On one end form a point. Now use a warm iron to press the napkin in place.

 Third Step – Using the centre line as a standard unit, bring in the right as well as the left edges together. Again use a warm iron to press the napkin.

 Fourth Step – You now need to fold the side corners in. This move will help them meet in the centre, however, avoid folding them exactly straight. It’s best that you pull up above the centre point. This move will help you shape the ears. At this point the napkin resembles the shape of a kite.

 Fifth Step – Now flip the bunny upside down and over. The point at the bottom should be turned for the purpose of forming a base.

 Sixth Step – Use the marker to make faces and features of your bunny. Use the flower pins on one side of the ears and finally fold up a stomach on the bunny’s belly and place in the Easter egg! Happy Easter! Enjoy!!!


bunny-napkin-praktic-ideasPhoto Credit: http://www.fabartdiy.com


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