DIY Cute Easter Bunny Cake

What are your plans for this Easter? If you are having people over or going somewhere, you can make this Easter a special one by involving yourself in a fun art projects. Baking an DIY Easter Bunny Cake can be a wonderful idea to try out.

You will need the following ingredients: carrot cake mix, a box of “Betty Crocker”, a pack of “Super Moist”, veggie oil, water and eggs beaten together in a large bowl, a tray covered with wrapping paper as well as paper foil or food wrap, whipped fluffy white frosting in a container, an entire cup full of shredded coconut, construction paper, choose between small gumdrops or jelly beans (whichever pleases you), green food coloring.

Follow the instructions: Begin by heating the oven up to 350°F. If you have a nonstick pan or a dark pan heat the oven up to 325°F. It’s time to make and bake and finally cool the cake in either in an 8 inch or 9 inch round pan. You are advised to reserve a single layer for the purpose of either making a second bunny or for some other use. Follow the pictorial and cut one layer in half. Now place the two halves together with frosting and create the body. Now place the cupcake in an upright position and cut its edge on the tray. Slice out a notch close to 1/3rd of the way up one end of the cake’s body to create the bunny’s head. Now attach one half of the cutout piece right from its tail with toothpicks. Use the remaining frosting to round the body on the sides. Take a cup of coconut and use it to sprinkle the cake. The next step involves cutting the bunny’s ears from construction paper. Now wrap the ears’ ends that are going to be inserted into the cake through a plastic food wrap. Take the jelly beans and use them to form the nose and both eyes. Proceed and shake a single cup of coconut together with three drops of food color. Shake the mixture in a tight lid covered jar till when the mix is tinted evenly. Now use the tinted coconut and surround the bunny with it. If you feel like, you can add on to it jelly beans. Now remove the ears, toothpicks and plastic wrap before you serve your Easter Bunny Cake. This Easter ideas will help you break the norm this Easter. Try it out and you’ll be amazed how much a good baker you can be or are! Enjoy!!!


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