DIY Cute Olive Penguins

To make 14 penguins you will need the following ingredients:

– 28 pitted Black olives

– 2 thin, boiled and peeled carrots

– 250 g soft cheese

Instructions to make cute olive penguins:

Firs of all you need to cut the carrots into circles. Cut approx  ⅛ of a circle meaning small triangles. This small triangles will be the “beaks” and the “penguins’ feet” of our little project.  Cut 14 olives alongside and stuff  them with the cheese. You can use a toothpick. You just made the “penguins bodies”. The other 14 whole olives will be the “penguins’ heads”. Put carrot beaks into the holes of olive heads. Now place the stuffed olives vertically on the carrot circles. Put olive “heads” with “beaks” horizontally on the “bodies” and fix your penguins with toothpicks. Enjoy your little cute olive penguins with your family and guest.

Lovely Penguins   Black Olive + Cheese + Carrot


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One Response to "DIY Cute Olive Penguins"

  1. Sherry Rupe says:

    This is a great idea. So cute. I would substitute pretzel sticks for the toothpicks so small children could eat them without toothpick damage. 🙂

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