Diy Cute Reindeer Cupcakes


These cupcakes are so cute and also so easy to make. Change the look of an plain cupcakes with this DIY recipe: DIY reindeer cupcakes. And what is best is that your kids can give a hand in making these delicious, cute little reindeer cupcakes.

You will need the following ingredients: chocolate muffin mix (make the chocolate muffins by following the instructions from the package), pretzels to make the antlers, “Nilla Wafers” to make the muzzles, M&M’s to make: brown for the nose, red for Rudolph, white for the eyes, chocolate frosting and a muffin pan.

Follow the instructions: Prepare the cupcakes accordingly with the instructions on the package. Prepare also the chocolate frosting accordingly with the instructions. Make the faces using the chocolate frosting (frost the little chocolate muffins). Use the pretzels to make the antlers, use “Nilla Wafers” to make the face, also white M&M’s for the eyes. To make the eyeballs melt some chocolate chips and using a plastic bag with no tip make the eyeballs on the white M&M’s. Use the brown M&M’s to make the noses. If you want to make also Rudolph use red instead of brown M&M’s for the nose!!! Your cute reindeer cupcakes are all done!!! Enjoy!!!


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