DIY Cute Spring Flowers Using Nail Polish And Wire

Ladies, this project is for you (the men can do it also): if you notice that your nail polish has expired do not toss it in the trash, reuse it for the next DIY idea that I am bringing to you: DIY cute spring flowers using nail polish and wire. It’s not necessary that you use only expired nail polish, you can use also nail polish that you are having in your awesome collection. For this DIY project you will need two important “ingredients”: lots and lots of nail polish to create colourful flowers and lots and lots of patience.

You will need the following materials and supplies: as I said lots and lots of colourful nail polish, a pen, craft wire and wire cutters.

Follow the instructions: Cover your working station with some newspapers or paper towels so that you won’t have nail polish everywhere. Take the craft wire and using a pen “transform” it into beautiful little flowers (see picture). Now you have the frame of the flowers. Use the nail polish to “paint” the frame of the flowers and also the inside of the petals. You can also put the nail polish into a plastic cup and dip the wire frame into the nail polish. Wait for half an hour for the nail polish to dry and repeat again the procedure. Let also dry. To make the flowers look even more cute and original you can add a little bit of glitter or little beads or pearls. Now all you have to do is to add your beautiful flowers in a vase and enjoy!!!



Photo Courtesy: Spring Flowers Using Nail Polish

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