DIY Delicious Bacon Cups

Bacon has been forever one of world’s favorite ingredients. As the age of men evolves so has the ingredient, nowadays, there are plenty of pioneering ways of using bacon that have been realized and “bacon cups” is one of them. Now instead of opting for either bread or tortilla as the main shell for the food you can now make cups from bacon. How cool is that!  For starters, you should have between 6 to 7 bacon strips for every cup. Secondly, you need to come up with a selection of food that you will fill up the cup with. Since you are doing bacon, you can try to have a balanced diet and take lettuce and tomatoes or mushrooms sautéed together with sundried tomatoes and pesto as the fill up dishes.


  • To start preparation, flip a muffin pan upside down. For purposes of creating bacon cups, it is appropriate that you use curved mounds at the foundation for molding purposes.
  • The next step is laying foil over every muffin mound as countless times you require bacon cups. To have a mold around the mound of every muffin space it is necessary that you cover & crimp paper foil why laying it.
  • To make the perfect bacon cups, the optimal secret is ensuring that you weave bacon stripes in place. Refrain from slapping the bacon stripes on.
  • Making a + sign or perhaps a cross over on the top of the 1stmound.
  • The sides should be wrapped once & at similar time and proceed and weave the top part both in and out.
  • The next slice should be laid on one side of the top part of the slice.
  • Now repeat the side interlacing with yet another strip of bacon with the fresh top piece.
  • Now lay yet another strip on to the other side that you haven’t touched its top. This process will help you achieve a wholly-covered bottom cup.
  • Finally repeat the side interlacing with yet another bacon strip and use a third top piece.

 Baking – Now proceed and bake bacon and let it stay in the oven for 10 to 15 minutes. It is necessary that you keep an eye on the bacon as the timings fluctuate on how crunchy you desire the cups to be. After removing them from the oven, carefully remove every cup from the paper foil. Should there be an instance where the bacon sticks on the foil, cautiously set the bacon strip bottom in a heated large pan and tilt them to loosen up. Wait till the cups cool down and proceed to remove them from the foil.

Note: Utilizing the grease from the bacon as you cook with the pan is an easy way of separating the bacon cup from the paper foil. Do not pre-grease the pans before you start cooking. Neither should you spray the pans early as this will make the cups not hold their shape throughout the cooking procedure and this will enhance the chances of bacon stirring around and finally shrinking.

The final step is filling everycup of bacon with the food you’ve selected. The best idea is making easy BLT fillings for the bacon cups. Enjoy!!



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