DIY Delicious Blooming Onion

What we are bringing to you today will change for sure the meaning of “onion”. This DIY delicious appetizer tastes great and it is pretty easy to make. If you love onion rings, then this “Blooming Onion” will take everything to the next level. Also, I think you guess why it is called “Blooming Onion”….

You will need the following ingredients: two large onions, one cup of milk, one flour cup, one egg, one tbsp salt, one tsp cayenne pepper, 1/2 tsp black pepper, 1/2 tsp of powder garlic, some herbs and also olive / canola oil.

Follow the instructions: Peel both onions. Use a sharp knife and cut the sides of the onions leaving the root’s. Wash the onions with warm water. Use paper towels to dry the onions. Using the same sharp knife start cutting in diagonally the onion in equal pieces. Separate the pieces very gently. Place the two onions in the fridge for approx two hours. Use a medium bowl and mix the following ingredients: salt, peppers, flour and herbs. Cover the onions with the magic mixture making sure that you cover also the buds. Use a large bowl and mix the egg and milk. Add also the onions one at a time. Now cover the onion once again with the flour and spices mixture. Using a frying pan add the oil. You will need a lot of oil because you have to cover the onion. Put the onion in the frying pan and add the pan over medium heat. After 3 minutes turn the onion on the other side and fry it until becomes golden brown. Now turn it once again frying it for another 3 minutes. Put the onions on lots and lots of paper towels to drain the oil. Use the same sharp knife and take off the center of the onions. Serve it with any dipping sauce that you love. The dipping sauce must be place in the middle of the onion. Enjoy!!!



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