DIY Delicious Carrot Patch Cake

Easter is around the corner, time for DIY fun art projects! There are plenty of DIY ideas that can make your Easter holiday different and fun at the same time. Fun projects to do at home include DIY delicious carrot patch cake. The cake is part of wonderful DIY ideas that will bring wow on the dinner table especially when you cut it and everybody has a share of the chocolate cake with a carrot patch. These craft ideas are the reasons why holidays come alive!  

Process – Get some pre-made fondant and use a leaf cutter and vein stamping mat to make your carrot patch. Cut out a number of sizes of patches you wish to have on your cake. See to it that you make extra sizes that will be used in place of broken leaves. Leave the pieces to dry overnight.

 Let’s Make the Carrots – Follow the direction to mix the cake. In the mix add orange food colouring. Use a sprayer and spray as well as line 11 by 17 jelly roll pan with a parchment paper. You should now bake until the cake is done. Use a carrot that is wide enough so that it doesn’t shrink as you bake. Afterwards use baking spray to coat the whole pan. Curve the carrots out of the cake by using a carrot shaped cookie cutter. Carefully slice off the carrot stems and see to it that they fit in the pan perfectly. Use a cookie sheet to freeze the carrots.  Line the frozen carrots at the middle of the pan. Use the pan to freeze the carrots. This process is necessary as it helps by holding the shape of the carrots when you cover them with batter. Again the freezing process will make the carrots bake at the same pace as the cake. As the carrots freeze, make two chocolate cake mixes. Pull out the pan with the carrots from the freezer. The batter you just made (chocolate) pour it over the carrots. You can bake the cake now. Set the oven at 350 degrees F and bake for 45 minutes. Use a tooth pick to test whether the cake is done. Use the tooth pick on the cake and not the carrots. Leave the cake to cool for twenty minutes and after wards place it on a wax paper. At this point, the top of the carrots will be visible.

 Decoration time – To make the cake stand out, crush some Oreo cookies together with “Cuisin art”. Use a large tray to hold the cake you just baked. Carefully mix the ganache (that will be used for frosting later) and set it aside. To make the Ganache: start by pouring one cup of boiling whip cream (it should be heavy) on top of chocolate that has been chopped finely. Since it’s very hot, leave it to settle for a minute then you can pick a rubber spatula to stir the chocolate until when it melts fully. Leave it to cool down. Set the cake on the large tray and use tooth picks to run down the cake’s centre so that you know the exact position of the tops. Frost the cakes by spooning thick ganache on the cake’s centre and allow it to run off the sides. Just before the ganache settles add to it the Oreo’s that have been crushed. Time to add carrot tops! Using a little amount of ganache, stick in the leaves. Carefully add one leave at a time setting them in ways that will resemble a bunch. Your DIY Delicious Carrot Patch Cake is ready! Happy Easter! Enjoy!!!

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