DIY Delicious Homemade Smoothies

Include smoothies in your healthy diet. Smoothies can be delicious, incredible and wonderful. They are loaded with vitamins and minerals. Will also make you feel satisfied. Also, to make a good smoothie there are some tricks that you need to know: after making the smoothie rinse immediately the blender. If you are an dairy eater use plain yogurt. Combine with oatmeal will “form” an complete protein. Use veggies as spinach, kale and cabbage. You won’t feel the taste at all. Instead of ice try using frozen fruits. Using oatmeal will transform your smoothie into a “meal”. When making a smoothie always add at the bottom the soften layer (like bananas), than the hardest (frozen stuff) and the liquid last. To feel inspired bellow you will find a few examples of delicious, healthy smoothies. Enjoy!!






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