DIY Delicious Jalapeño Rolls With Bacon And Sausage

Make a delicious treat for you, your family and friends with this delicious DIY recipe. A delicious combination between Jalapeño peppers, bacon, sausage, a little bit of cream cheese, shallots and spices to give taste. No worry if your family or you don’t like spicy food! Instead of the Jalapeño peppers you can use sweet orange or red bell peppers. These peppers are as delicious as the Jalapeño ones but not spicy at all. Also, if you don’t have any grill around to make the rolls you can use also the oven to bake them. If you are making these delicious rolls on the grill make sure that you turn your grill on at medium heat and cook the delicious rolls with the lid on. Also, the rolls will be done when the bacon is golden brown and the Jalapeño tender. I found this delicious DIY idea on “The Black Peppercorn” blog. Now all you have to do is to head over there and discover all ingredients and step by step tutorial in order to prepare DIY delicious Jalapeño rolls with bacon and sausage’s. Enjoy!!!


Click this link for all details……



The Black Peppercorn – Atomic Buffalo Turd Jalapeño Poppers (aka – A.B.T.)




Jalapeno Rolls with Bacon and Sausage



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