DIY Delicious Soft Pretzel Rolls

Look how delicious these pretzel tools look?! “Mel’s Kitchen Cafe” is bringing us today a delicious DIY recipe that is very easy to make and at the end will make you eat like 10 of them. A great DIY idea for you for those boring afternoons when you’ve got nothing else to do with your kids. These DIY soft pretzel rolls will look amazing when you will take them out from the oven: a delicious golden brown colour, puffed, chewy and salty. I will let you know bellow the ingredients that you will need and some steps in making yummy pretzel tools but for a lot of other instructions head over to “Mel’s Kitchen Cafe”.

You will need the following ingredients: 

For the dough: one tbsp instant yeast, two tbsp of vegetable oil, two cups of warm milk, one and a half cups of warm water, two tsp of salt, six and a half to eight all purpose flour.

For extra: three quarts of water, one tbsp of sugar, coarse salt, 1 / 4 cups of baking soda.


Follow the instructions:



Soft Pretzel Rolls Praktic Ideas

Photo Courtesy + More Instructions: Mel’s Kitchen Cafe – Soft Pretzel Rolls



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