DIY Delicious Strawberry Roses

Spring is just around the corner!! That means that all nature is coming back to life: new flowers, the trees are getting back their crown and also lots and lots of delicious fresh fruits. And which are the fruits of the spring?! Strawberries…. Small, red and so, so, so delicious….. And you can make a lots of dessert using strawberries. Today’s DIY craft idea is: how to make roses from strawberries. Mhhhh……. Delicious but at the same time creative!

You will need the following ingredients: approx. 600 g of fresh strawberries (the bigger the better), 30 g of sugar, a lemon, 250 ml of 35% fat whipping cream, long sticks.

Follow the instructions: Wash very well the strawberries. Choose only the strawberries that look very good. Take the ones that are not ok out. Take the “bad” strawberries, cut them into small pieces and add them into a medium size bowl with the sugar and the lemon juice on top. Take the good looking strawberries and also the long sticks. Take one stick and stick it in the bottom part of the strawberry. Using a very sharp knife make four cuts at the bottom of the strawberry. In the middle of the strawberry make another four cuts. These cuts must interpose the ones that you made at the bottom of the strawberry. Now you have a little strawberry rose with four petals at the bottom, four in the middle and two on the top.  Take the cut strawberries from the fridge. Take the whipped cream and put it on top of the strawberries. Add also the strawberry roses in the glass. Enjoy!!!



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