DIY Deviled Easter Eggs

Want something special for this Easter?! If yes, then you have to make the following DIY craft idea: DIY deviled Easter eggs. If you are not a big fan of dying Easter eggs no worry…. You will love this DIY idea. Bringing you bellow an easy way to prepare some coloured eggs for the upcoming Easter. With this method you are cracking the eggs but not peeling the shell off. The final result is when magic happens: the eggshells are peeled from the eggs.

In order to make this good looking Easter eggs, you will need: hard boiled eggs, different Easter dye’s. Optional vinegar and food colouring.

Follow the instructions: Start by boiling the eggs. Boil as much as you want to make. Let the eggs cool off so that you can handle them. Hit lightly the eggs or roll them on an hard surface so that you can crack them. Be careful not to crack the eggs completely. Prepare the egg dye’s and dye the eggs like you usually do. You can use also food colouring and drip a few drops to “enter” the cracks. If you are using the food colouring method then you will use some vinegar to help fix the colours in the eggs. If you are using the normal dye method after you’ve dyed the eggs all you have to do is to peel the eggs and you will have an awesome and charming shell design. Enjoy!!!




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