DIY Dog Bed Using Wooden Pallets

There are plenty of DIY Ideas and fun projects to do at home. Many craft ideas that you can do at home will help you fill your home with practical things without spending too much money if you were to purchase the items. DIY dog bed using wooden pallets are wonderful practical ideas that you can use to make for your dog, different beds and place them at strategic points. Let’s make a dog bed that will please both you and your favourite pup!

Items Needed – one and a half inches of finish screws, several wooden shipping pallets, a chop saw, tape measure, a hammer, a drill, a nail puller, Carpenter’s pencil, stainless steel finish nails.

 Procedure – Start by dismantling the pallets. The next step is to gather well removed wooden shipping pallets. Make use of either a nail puller or a hammer and carefully remove every single wood plank from the pallet base. End by dismantling the base of the wooden pallets. Select the best pieces that are based on the specific measurement of the size of the dog’s bed. Select the best pieces that can perfectly fit both sides, the front and rear sides as well as the base of the bed. A perfect sized dog bed is a comfortable 14 to 18 inches bed that will comfortable fit larger breeds of dogs. Carefully take the measurements of the boards by marking their sides using the pencil and the tape measure. Cut the boards to twenty four inches in length using the circular saw. Now take the measurements of the base boards and the rear boards and cut them to thirty six inches in length. Now attach the right pieces at the right places and use the screws and the hammer to secure them into place. You can now sand down your structure to smoothen it, paint it the colour you want, leave it to dry and add a cushion/air mattress to make your dog’s bed comfy as much as you can… Enjoy!!!

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