DIY Drawer Organizer

I love to find ways to re-purpose food packaging. Why buy a brand new drawer organizer when you can make one from something you would probably just throw away or send to the recycling center? This project is a super easy way to get your drawers looking pretty and organized. And it uses things you almost definitely have in your cupboard and fabric stash. What you’ll need: fabric; the clear packaging that comes inside a cookie box – this one is from Oreo Double Stuff Cookies. Any will work, just make sure it is clear. You can even use clear plastic take-out containers. Mod Podge or other clear-dry decoupage glue.

How To Make A DIY Drawer Organizer:

Step 1: Clean the cookie package of crumbs and cookie remnants. Be careful not to break it – you can just carefully wipe it our with a wet cloth.
Step 2: Measure and cut your fabric to the width of the cookie tray. Make it long enough to go just past the little side ledges. (You will trim that part later.)
Step 3: Turn the plastic cookie tray over and paint the entire back with glue.
Step 4: Apply your fabric to the glue-covered areas. Press it in to any crevices.
Step 5: Let this dry completely before you use it. Once dry, you can brush more glue over the back to make it a solid surface, but you don’t have to. Use to store nick knacks, make-up, or anything else that needs to be organized.


Thank you Molly Fisher Freudenberg founder of CraftIdeasWeekly.com, for sharing this awesome DIY project with us


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