DIY Easy To Make Dreamcatcher

There is something magical derived from fun projects to do at home, especially projects from DIY Ideas. Many people are looking for craft ideas that they can teach their children or learn how to do them on their own. Why not teach your children how to make the modern day dreamcatcher using the DIY ideas stated below? Become the hero that your children always wish you to be by making them a cool dream catcher…

 Necessary Items: feathers, a metal ring, hot glue, waxed cord, a stick shaped in wishbone fashion, a piece of ribbon, a chain, leather scraps or fabric, cord, twine not forgetting jewellery findings.

 Procedure: Start by waxing the cord and using it to tie a tight knot around the base of the metal ring. Proceed and wrap the cord around the metal ring till you cover the entire metal ring. Just ensure that you have created a loop (small) using the waxed cord. The loop will make it easy when it comes to hanging the dream catcher. Now take the stick shaped as a wishbone and place it on the ring’s top and secure it on the ring by using an X-pattern using the waxed cord, on the joint where the two meet. Use a knot to secure them together. Let you creative juices flow. Start by tying a number of fabric strands, chain, leather and the cord on the ring. Use your imagination and come up with different patterns. Use the hot glue and attach the jewellery findings as well as the feathers on the strands ends. To add texture you can try tying up several knots. Enjoy!!!

dream-catcher-praktic-ideasPhoto Courtesy: https://www.pinterest.com

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