DIY Easter Bunny Napkin

Easter is just several days away. If you want the festive period to be fun, there are a few fun DIY art projects that you can indulge in and have a spin on your Easter festivities. DIY Easter bunny napkin is a fun projects to do at home. Why you ask? Because they are fun DIY ideas/craft ideas that will help you come up with cute button cotton tails that you’ve crafted from spray-scratched square napkins and you’ll be able to improve the energy around the Easter dinner table.

 Let’s get started With Folding!

1st Step – Take a solid (coloured) table square napkin. Put it in starch to firm it up. If you can be able to get thinner napkins the better, a linen napkin is better for this task over a cotton napkin.

2nd Step – Carefully and accurately fold it in half.

3rd Step – Again fold the napkin in half and the final look should be rectangular (long).

4th Step – Hold the end points of the long rectangle and fold both the lift and the right sides to meet at the centre. On one end form a point.

5th Step – Do the same thing with the opposite corners.

6th Step – Carefully fold the side corners so that they are able to meet at the centre. However, do not fold them to make a straight fold. Carefully pull above the centre point and this move will help you form the ears and your napkin will form a shape that is similar to a kite.

7th Step – Cautiously flip over the napkin.

8th Step – Fold the napkin’s bottom so that it points upward. The fold will be roughly 1” above the napkin’s centre.

9th Step – Again cautiously flip over the napkin.

10th Step – Roll over the left side and slightly pass the napkin’s centre.

11th Step – Fold the right side over and tuck its end into the pocket you formed on the napkin’s left side, accomplish this step as you hold the napkin together.

12th Step – Turn the napkin upright, untie the bottom and form a base. Now fluff the bunny’s ears.

13th Step – This is the final step, cut three piece of string and make a knot at the centre. Now carefully slid through a safety pin at the back of the napkin that has been folded, let it come right through the knot’s centre, again all the way through the opening of the button and finally on the back of the napkin and clasp it. You’ve made an elegant DIY Easter bunny napkin… Enjoy!!!



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