DIY Easter Home Craft: Creative Egg-Shell Carvings

At times it is quite amazing how something that is very fragile, and I mean egg shell’s, can be used as a canvas for an awesome piece of art. If you like the idea of a fun art project using eggs, you can create gorgeous carvings from empty ostrich, chicken, emu or goose eggs. Besides, you can turn the fun art project into a hobby that you can practice frequently in your home if you have limited supplies and perhaps turn your fun venture into a profitable venture! From very simple to elegant and sophisticated carvings, all you need is practice to full master the skill and create beautiful egg shell cravings that will not only impress your family and friends, but will inspire them to do more. Let’s go through a simple but great DIY idea that will help you come up with creative egg carvings.

 Step One: Empty The Egg – You simply need to poke a hole on every end of an uncooked egg. Use a needle and make a hole that is slightly bigger than the other.

 Step Two: Hold The Egg Over A Bowl – To pull this step, you need to place the tip of a syringe over a small hole. Now gently squeeze the syringe and all the air will be forced in the egg and this action will make all its contents empty inside the bowl. After draining all the content inside the bowl, fill up the syringe with cool water and gently and slowly squeeze the water inside the empty egg. Now shake the egg full of water gently and use the syringe to blow away the water, leave the egg to dry off completely.

 Step Three: Carving The Egg – Put on a pair of rubber gloves and throw on a ventilation mask, these two pieces of protective gear keeps you protected from dust.  Now pick a pencil and slowly, carefully sketch a design on the egg shell. To have the design come out straight, use transfer paper to create the design and place the paper over the shell and again use the pencil to get the sketch on the shell.

 Step Four: Fine Diamond Bit – You must start by placing the egg on an electric rotary tool. With all the caution you can master in the world, gently hold into place the egg shell in one hand and hold the rotary tool on the other hand and carefully, carve away the design as it is sketched on the egg.

 Step Five: Use Colour – After have pierced the pattern on the egg shell, use 3D colour and paint on the outline of the sketch you just drilled. This move will help you create a perfect carving that wows everybody! Enjoy!!!




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