DIY Easy To Make Cute Easter Peeps Centrepiece

Make a cute and colourful Easter table centrepiece with this awesome DIY idea. Surprise your family and friends at the Easter dinner with a cute Peeps bunny table centrepiece that will animate the table.

For this DIY project you will need the following materials and supplies: an six inches cube vase and a four inches cube vase, delicious jelly beans, around 30 pieces of daisies, 20 Peeps.

Follow the instructions: Take the four inches cube vase and put it inside the six inches cube vase. Use the colourful jelly beans and spice the centrepiece by adding them between the walls of the cube vases. Put some Peeps away. You will be using them to fill the corners of the cube vase’s. Use the left Peeps and add them on top of the colourful jelly beans. Squeezing the Peeps in place you will be filling all the gaps. When you buy the daisies you will see that each piece has a plastic tube on the stem. Do not take this plastic off the stem. Cut the daisies as long as you want them to be and add them inside the four inches vase. If you want to achieve a nice rounded bouquet cut the stems from the outside daises a little shorter and the stems from the inner daises a little longer. Enjoy!!!




Photo Courtesy: http://www.tasteofhome.com

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