DIY Easy To Make Film Negative Candle Holder

We no longer are using film negatives. Its awesome that the time of digital photography is here but I really loved the classic photos. I even got a negative or two hidden in a drawer somewhere in the house. But instead of leaving them seating all dusty in your drawer take the film negative out cause we are going to need them for our next DIY creative project: DIY film negative candle holders. This is a creative and also easy way to “dress up” a little bit those boring candle holders that you have laying around your home.  And if you are experiencing the problem that you do not have any more any film negative no worry!!! You can use transparencies or vellum paper to print the photos and the results will be almost the same! Also, what is best is that you can use different shapes for the candle holders – square or cylinder shape – and also different size film negatives – regular size ones or larger ones. To get started you will need: photo film negatives – you can use in color or black and white, candle holders (different shapes), glue dots or also double stick tape. Measure around the candle holders using the film negatives to see the number of frames that you will need in the negative so you can wrap it around the candle holder. If the length is quite short you can add frames from other photo negatives. Use the glue dots (or double stick tape) to stick the negatives on your glass candle holders. You can also use adhesive but you have to keep in mind that if you do so you wont be able to change the negatives from the glass later. Now all you have to do is to put a tea light candles or battery operated candles inside the candle holders and admire your “new” decoration. Enjoy!!!


Photo Negatives Candle Holders

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