DIY Easy To Make Flowerpot Bird Feeder

You love your garden! You love to relax there everyday after work! But you feel that something is missing in your garden, right? If you follow the next DIY idea then your garden will be complete: DIY flowerpot bird-feeder. Invite the little birds in your garden with this awesome DIY home project and let your garden fill with beautiful birdsong’s.

You will need the following materials and supplies: pliers, 1 / 8 inch stop set and ferrule, 3 / 32 inch vinyl coated wire rope, tie and glass drill bits, two flower pot saucers and a terracotta flower pot.

Follow the instructions: Start by drilling the holes in the middle of both saucers. The holes should be about  1 / 8 inch. Don’t forget to make also drainage holes in the bottom saucer (on the side). Take one end of the rope and pull it through the top saucer, the terracotta flower pot and the bottom saucer. Set the rope in place using the pliers. Add for the little birdies seeds and also fruits in the bottom saucer. To make the bird feeder look more amazing and also to attract the little birdies decorate the flower pot with little flower or any other pictures that you love. Enjoy!!!



Photo Courtesy: Flower Pot Bird Feeder

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