DIY Easy To Make Natural Teeth Whitening

Before you buy a lot of expensive product to whiten your teeth or before you spend a lot of money on very expensive procedure try this homemade remedy for your teeth: DIY teeth whitening.

You will need the followings for this DIY idea: water, mouthwash (the one you are using), hydrogen peroxide, tooth paste and baking soda.

Follow the instructions: Take one part mouthwash and one part hydrogen and mix them together in an empty glass. Use the mixture and gargle with it for 10 seconds then rinse out with water. Now make the second magic mixture: add a little bit of toothpaste, one tsp of baking soda and also water until it becomes a creamy paste. Use your tooth brush and brush the magic mixture on your teeth like you where using plain tooth paste. You will get result (your teeth color will start to change) in no time! You can use this teeth whitening method for a few times but you will have to be careful not to use it to often because you will risk destroying your tooth enamel!!! Enjoy!!!



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  1. Adri says:

    Where can I buy the hydrogen poroxide

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