DIY Easy To Make Plastic Bottle Bird House

So many DIY projects to make using plastic bottles. If you have an creative mind and you also like to craft then you will love for sure the following DIY craft project: make a little bird house using plastic bottles. So, lets grab all the materials needed and start recycling plastic bottles into a cute little bird house.

You will need the following materials: an 1,5 l plastic bottle (for the bottom of the house), an 2 l plastic bottles (for the roof), a piece of hard string, pair of scissors, glue gun, different colours of acrylic paint, raffia strands.

Follow the instructions: Cut the 1,5 l plastic bottle in half. To make the roof of the little bird house, cut the top of the 2 l plastic bottle. Remove the cap from the top of the 2 l bottle and make a hole right under the “mouth” of the bottle (see photo). Take the piece of string and pass it through the holes. You will hang the little bird house from this string. Use a pair of scissors and make a little “door” on the bottom of the bird house (the 1,5 l plastic bottle). Using the glue gun attach the roof from the bottom of the house. Let it dry. Using the acrylic paint, paint the little house as colourful as possible: flowers, leaves. You can vary the choice of colours or embellishments. Also, to decorate the little bird house make plastic flowers using the bottom’s of plastic bottles. To decorate the little door and also to keep the bird safe add using the glue gun strands of raffia or also yarn. Put the cap back on on the top part and hang the little bird house. Enjoy!!!




Photo Courtesy: Jud Arts – Plastic Bottle Bird House

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3 Responses to "DIY Easy To Make Plastic Bottle Bird House"

  1. honey says:

    nice looking

  2. Cody Brooks says:

    Fun and easy idea and makes a cool gift to many.

  3. Vedant says:

    Thanku it was easy to make t was helpful for my little sister she won in her school to make thing like this craft

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