DIY Easy To Make Sand Imprints

I wanted a special and unique memory from my family. We all ready have done the family tree on our wall’s using paint and our hands but I want another one. One that I can keep for years so I ca show it to my little daughter when she will grow up. I was searching the internet and I have found on “Paging Fun Mums” blog a lovely DIY idea”: easy to make DIY sand imprints. A very lovely DIY project where you will be using three important “ingredients”: your handprints (or foot), writing and also crushed coloured grave. Its true that you will need also a few other “ingredients” but no worry, this DIY idea is not expensive at all and in the end you will have a beautiful and original family memory. So, lets head over to “Paging Fun Mums” blog and discover all details for this DIY craft project. Enjoy!!!


Click this link for all details…..


Paging Fun Mums – DIY Sand Imprints




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